Maryland COVID-19 trends

Welcome to my page looking at trends in COVID-19 cases in Maryland, USA!

I started this page to gather in one place all links to my blog posts on specific aspects of COVID-19 in Maryland, links to tools I developed as well as all figures generated (at the bottom). This will be updated as new posts/tools/figures are written. Please be patient as I’m doing this after day work and homeschooling the kids – but feel free to send me suggestions, comments and questions!

Note that if you want official information about COVID-19, please visit the Maryland Department of Health. And as always, scientific and understandable information is on the CDC website.

Blog posts:


Figures. These figures are all on the Github repo, in the figures/ directory. While they are not too many, I’ll link them below (they are updated automatically).


Testing capacity



Cumulative and daily number of deaths due to COVID-19 in Maryland, US, 2020





Zip codes

Nursing homes