Month: May 2009

Live picture from the Bruxelles Grand Place

On the Bruxelles website, you can watch from and move a webcam on the Grand Place. The resolution is good enough to distinguish faces in you zoom. But what is more interesting (imho), is that the stream from the webcam is just a stream of still images from The image below was the current image from the webcam when you loaded this page ; reload the page to see another picture …

webcam Grand Place Bruxelles

Now you can watch people on the Bruxelles Grand Place and watch what is interesting for people operating the webcam …

Ignite presentation style

Being away from presentations to my dismay since a few months, I always enjoy reading the Presentation Zen blog, Garr Reynold’s blog on issues related to presentation design.

Recently, Garr came back on the Ignite presentation style with a presentation from Pamela Slim. Here is a video recording:

I maybe liked this presentation for its content but above all for its style … At Ignite, you can have a maximum of 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds (so max. 5 minutes talk). I like this kind of challenge. Unfortunately, there is no planned Ignite event in Western Europe soon where I would be able to watch this live.

Finally, I still have to find a way to use this kind of presentation (large images, few words) in a scientific communication (who said PhD dissertation?) where precise facts and figures are often more important than concepts or message. Maybe just because scientific presentations are often meant to share measures, quantitative observations, statistical data, etc. For a communication that will show a review of the literature on a subject, this style would fit better.