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postr, simply puts your pictures on Flickr

I really like gthumb to have a look at my photos, quickly perform some basic modifications or effects and display all the photos to people around me. But there is one thing that is annoying me: it seems impossible for my gthumb version (2.10.11) to upload to Flickr, where I put some of my pictures. There is an “issue 73” in the GNOME’s GHOP Contest page from 2007 and the development seems to be done ; it’s just not yet in the main branch.

Now enters Ross Burton’s postr, a Flickr uploading tool for the GNOME desktop. It’s simple. It has all the functionalities you need when posting pictures: title, description, tag, sets, groups (and privacy) fields and settings. Voilà! And if you need more advanced features (like geotagging – which isn’t anyway in the Flash-based Flickr upload tool), the Organise tool from Flickr is still there.

Don’t be afraid by the fact it’s still in version 0.12.3 nor by the fact it wasn’t updated since December 2008: it’s fully working, already in your favourite Linux distribution (at least in Fedora), I adopt it 🙂

Postr 0.12.3 screenshot
postr screenshot. The picture that will be uploaded is here.

E-conference about scientific patents

Conference about scientific patents

While looking for pictures related to patents, I found these interesting ones taken by Daneel Ariantho on Flickr. They depict a virtual conference about scientific patents. It could be interesting to get more information about 1) the content of this conference and 2) the kind of conferences organized in these virtual worlds. It could also be interesting to see the social aspects of these conferences (are your contact better/different in a virtual conference?) and the “quality control” (of speakers, of posters, of advertizers, …).

oncolour – a Flickr add-on for background

After discovering the Flickr API, I started coding oncolour this night and here is the result … oncolour is a PHP script that allows you to display your photos from Flickr on your own website and with a specific background colour. It’s better with an example … This URL "http://www.epot.org/flickr/oncolour.php?id=860125589," will give this result:

oncolour screenshot

Some other solutions have been developed and used (example) but this one is really free:

  • free for use (see here how to use it – even for your photos – and a description of all the options) and
  • free to re-use (see here how to download the script and use it on your own server).

Feel free to use it! 🙂