Here is a list of my peer reviewed publications, chapters and conference posters. You may see more information on my ResearchGate profile.

Peer Reviewed Publications



  • M. Pirson, J.E. Poirrier, S. Joubert et al. “Evaluation of the cost and length of hospital stays related to the management of an intestinal Clostridium difficile infection“. Acta Gastro-Enterologica Belgica 2018, 81(2):263-268


  • D. Curran, A. Terlinden, J.E. Poirrier, C. Masseria, G. Krishnarajah. Vaccine timeliness: a cost analysis of the potential implications of delayed pertussis vaccination in the US. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 35(5):542-7 (2016)


  • J.E. Poirrier, F. Guillonneau, J. Renaut, K. Sergeant, A. Luxen, P. Maquet, P. Leprince. Proteomic changes in rat hippocampus and adrenals following short-term sleep deprivation. Proteome Sci. 2008 May 22;6:14 (2008)


Book Chapters


  • JE. Poirrier, C. Philemotte, D. Curran. An agent-based modeling framework to study the burden of pertussis and the impact of preventative measures. In BIOMAT 2014: pp. 140-161. Edited by Prof. Rubem P Mondaini, World Scientific, 2015. Read it!

Conference Posters


  • J.E. Poirrier, S. Nagar, J. Meyers, L. Glasser, S. Jabbour. “Incidence of Herpes Zoster in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Consequences for Treatment” ADA 80th Scientific Sessions 2020. Also in Diabetes 2020 Jun; 69(Supplement 1): –

This poster was covered by HCPLive with a short summary and an extensive interview of Prof. Jabbour:

HCPLive interview of Prof. Jabbour about our study on Herpes Zoster and Type-2 Diabetes, poster presented at ADA 2020


  • S. Talbird, E. La, J. Carrico, S. Poston, J.E. Poirrier, et al. “Projected burden of vaccine-preventable diseases in older adults in the United States: impact of population aging” ISPOR EU 2018
  • Ghaswalla, J.E. Poirrier, E. Packnett et al. “Maternal Immunization Rates with Tetanus-Diphtheria-Acellular Pertussis and Influenza Vaccines in the United States: A Retrospective Claims Database Analysis” IDWeek 2018


  • A. Terlinden, J. Poirrier, D. Curran, M. Haberl, R. Hanley, P. Moore. Cost-effectiveness of 18 month booster dose of a pertussis-containing vaccine on the australian national immunisation program: a dynamic model-based analysis. ISPOR 18th Annual European Congresses, Milano (Italy), 2015. Also in Value in Health 18(7): A584.


  • JE. Poirrier, B. Mungall, I.H. Lee, A. Terlinden, D. Curran. Cost-effectiveness of maternal immunisation for pertussis in New Zealand. ISPOR 6th 6th Asia-Pacific Conference, Beijing (China), 2014. Also in Value in Health 17(7): A806.


  • A. Terlinden, B. Renson, C. Ponder, JE. Poirrier, D. Curran. Carbon cost-effectiveness of cocooning immunization against pertussis in England and Wales: an ecological perspective. ISPOR 16th Annual European Congresses, Dublin (Ireland), 2013. Also in Value in Health 16(7): A578.
  • H. Starkie Camejo, A. Terlinden, J.E. Poirrier, D. Curran. Immunisation strategies to aid the control of pertussis transmission in the UK – a cost-effectiveness perspective. Public Health England Annual Conference, University of Warwick (UK), 2013. Abstract and poster.
  • D. Curran, A. Terlinden, JE. Poirrier, C. Masseria, G. Krishnarajah. Vaccine timeliness: a cost analysis of the implications of delayed vaccination. ISPOR 16th Annual European Congresses, Dublin (Ireland), 2013. Also in Value in Health 16(7): A346.


  • A. Terlinden, T. Hardwick, C. Sauboin, JE. Poirrier. Cost-effectiveness of pertussis adolescent booster in England and Wales: a dynamic model based analysis. ISPOR 15th Annual European Congresses, Berlin (Germany), 2012. Also in Value in Health 15(7): A392.


  • J.A. Suaya, R. Mera, A. Cassidy, J.E. Poirrier, S. Burstin, H. Amrine-Madsen, L. Miller. Pronounced increase of incidence and cost associated with hospitalizations for Staphylococcus aureus skin and soft tissue infections in US children, 2001-2008. Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) Annual Meeting, Boston (USA), 2011. Poster abstract 913.

Additional work available for download on my ResearchGate profile (or just ask me for reprints).