Here is a list of my peer reviewed publications, chapters and conference posters. You may see more information on my ResearchGate profile.

Peer Reviewed Publications


  • J. Carrico, S. Talbird, E. La, S. Poston, J.E. Poirrier, J. DeMartino & C. Hogea. Cost-benefit analysis of vaccination against four preventable diseases in older adults: impact of an aging population. Vaccine 2021, 39(36): 5187-5197
  • S. Talbird, E. La, J. Carrico, S. Poston, J.E. Poirrier, J. DeMartino & C. Hogea. Impact of population aging on the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases among older adults in the United States. Hum Vaccin Immunother 2021, 17(2): 332-343



  • M. Pirson, J.E. Poirrier, S. Joubert et al. “Evaluation of the cost and length of hospital stays related to the management of an intestinal Clostridium difficile infection“. Acta Gastro-Enterologica Belgica 2018, 81(2):263-268


  • D. Curran, A. Terlinden, J.E. Poirrier, C. Masseria, G. Krishnarajah. Vaccine timeliness: a cost analysis of the potential implications of delayed pertussis vaccination in the US. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 35(5):542-7 (2016)


  • J.E. Poirrier, F. Guillonneau, J. Renaut, K. Sergeant, A. Luxen, P. Maquet, P. Leprince. Proteomic changes in rat hippocampus and adrenals following short-term sleep deprivation. Proteome Sci. 2008 May 22;6:14 (2008)


Book Chapters


  • JE. Poirrier, C. Philemotte, D. Curran. An agent-based modeling framework to study the burden of pertussis and the impact of preventative measures. In BIOMAT 2014: pp. 140-161. Edited by Prof. Rubem P Mondaini, World Scientific, 2015. Read it!

Conference Posters


  • J.E. Poirrier, J. Carrico, J.K. DeMartino, K.A. Hicks, J. Stoddard, S. Nagar, J. Meyers. “The potential for reducing opioid and analgesic prescriptions via Herpes Zoster vaccination” IDWeek 2020
  • T. Caputi, J. Ayers, M. Dredze, J.E. Poirrier, S. Poston, C. Hogea. “#Vaccine Twitter influencers: is it just about reach and followers?” IDWeek 2020
  • J.E. Poirrier, J.K. DeMartino, J. Stoddard, S. Nagar, J. Meyer. “Opioid use and associated costs in pain management practices among Herpes Zoster patients” AMCP Nexus 2020 Virtual

This poster presentation was covered by an interview of my colleague, Dr. J. DeMartino, in Population Health Learning Network, on November 9, 2020.

  • J.E. Poirrier, S. Nagar, J. Meyers, L. Glasser, S. Jabbour. “Incidence of Herpes Zoster in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Consequences for Treatment” ADA 80th Scientific Sessions 2020. Also in Diabetes 2020 Jun; 69(Supplement 1): –

This poster was covered by HCPLive with a short summary and an extensive interview of Prof. Jabbour:

HCPLive interview of Prof. Jabbour about our study on Herpes Zoster and Type-2 Diabetes, poster presented at ADA 2020


  • S. Talbird, E. La, J. Carrico, S. Poston, J.E. Poirrier, et al. “Projected burden of vaccine-preventable diseases in older adults in the United States: impact of population aging” ISPOR EU 2018
  • Ghaswalla, J.E. Poirrier, E. Packnett et al. “Maternal Immunization Rates with Tetanus-Diphtheria-Acellular Pertussis and Influenza Vaccines in the United States: A Retrospective Claims Database Analysis” IDWeek 2018


  • A. Terlinden, J. Poirrier, D. Curran, M. Haberl, R. Hanley, P. Moore. Cost-effectiveness of 18 month booster dose of a pertussis-containing vaccine on the australian national immunisation program: a dynamic model-based analysis. ISPOR 18th Annual European Congresses, Milano (Italy), 2015. Also in Value in Health 18(7): A584.


  • JE. Poirrier, B. Mungall, I.H. Lee, A. Terlinden, D. Curran. Cost-effectiveness of maternal immunisation for pertussis in New Zealand. ISPOR 6th 6th Asia-Pacific Conference, Beijing (China), 2014. Also in Value in Health 17(7): A806.


  • A. Terlinden, B. Renson, C. Ponder, JE. Poirrier, D. Curran. Carbon cost-effectiveness of cocooning immunization against pertussis in England and Wales: an ecological perspective. ISPOR 16th Annual European Congresses, Dublin (Ireland), 2013. Also in Value in Health 16(7): A578.
  • H. Starkie Camejo, A. Terlinden, J.E. Poirrier, D. Curran. Immunisation strategies to aid the control of pertussis transmission in the UK – a cost-effectiveness perspective. Public Health England Annual Conference, University of Warwick (UK), 2013. Abstract and poster.
  • D. Curran, A. Terlinden, JE. Poirrier, C. Masseria, G. Krishnarajah. Vaccine timeliness: a cost analysis of the implications of delayed vaccination. ISPOR 16th Annual European Congresses, Dublin (Ireland), 2013. Also in Value in Health 16(7): A346.


  • A. Terlinden, T. Hardwick, C. Sauboin, JE. Poirrier. Cost-effectiveness of pertussis adolescent booster in England and Wales: a dynamic model based analysis. ISPOR 15th Annual European Congresses, Berlin (Germany), 2012. Also in Value in Health 15(7): A392.


  • J.A. Suaya, R. Mera, A. Cassidy, J.E. Poirrier, S. Burstin, H. Amrine-Madsen, L. Miller. Pronounced increase of incidence and cost associated with hospitalizations for Staphylococcus aureus skin and soft tissue infections in US children, 2001-2008. Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) Annual Meeting, Boston (USA), 2011. Poster abstract 913.

Additional work available for download on my ResearchGate profile (or just ask me for reprints).