MD counties COVID-19 cases adjusted for population

Since a few weeks, I report the raw number of COVID-19 cases in Maryland counties. If this gives an idea of the cumulative number of cases – which is interesting – it doesn’t reflect the fact that some counties have more inhabitants than others. That’s why I plotted below the number of COVID-19 cases adjusted for the population:

Evolution of COVID-19 confirmed cases in Maryland counties, adjusted and not adjusted for population, on May 11, 2020
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Today (May 11, 2020), in terms of absolute number of cases, Prince Georges, Montgomery and Baltimore County are the top 3 counties. In terms of confirmed cases per 100,000 population, the top 3 counties are Prince Georges, Montgomery and Wicomico (due to a recent surge in cases).

Rank on May 11, 2020Absolute # of COVID-19 casesCOVID-19 cases per 100,000 population
1Prince Georges (9,687)Prince Georges (1,057)
2Montgomery (6,909)Montgomery (656)
3Baltimore County (3,948)Wicomico (649)
4Baltimore City (3353)Kent (555)
5Anne Arundel (2492)Baltimore City (544)

This is a lot given that, today, the average for Maryland is 401/100,000 (source: CDC) and the average for the US is 552/100,000 (source: OurWorldInData).

Source of Maryland County population: projections from the Maryland Department of Planning.
As usual, you’ll find other graphs on my page about COVID-19 in Maryland and the data, code and figures are on Github.

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