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Short script to add a timestamp on pictures

Here is a short script (1.6kb) to add a timestamp on all PNG pictures in a directory. It requires Python and the Python Image Library (PIL). In order to use it, modify some parameters in the beginning to suit your needs (images directory, font file and size, etc.) and launch ./timestampFiles.py. Here is a before/after example (size of pictures is reduced to fit in this blog):

Before/after example of adding a timestamp to a picture

Note 1: the font is not included in the script. Here, I used FreeSans which is a true free font (GNU GPL with font exception). It is available here (local copy, just the FreeSans font, 753kb).

Note 2: I chose to convert PNG images to JPG ones for 2 reasons. First, my capture script gives me PNG images (see previous posts). Second, I want to be able to copy all JPG pictures in a MJPEG movie. It shouldn’t be difficult to change the different file formats to suit your needs (ask me if you can’t do that).

Note 3: I guess this would also have been possible using a bash script and imagemagick, Perl or any other programming language 😉

Download YouTube videos

There are many websites around that allow you to download videos from YouTube. But it’s not possible to do it directly from YouTube. And you end up with a proprietary Flash video file. Although you can install the Flash plug-in on your computer, there are cases when you don’t want to do so or you are even not able to do so.

YouTube without Flash player

So, for whatever reason, you want a video from YouTube on your computer in a file format suitable for any kind of multimedia viewer? Here is a small (15 lines) bash script to download and convert a YouTube video you like in standard MPEG format. For that purpose, you’ll need wget (usually, you already have it on your GNU/Linux box) and ffmpeg.

Now, suppose you want to watch a video about Morris water maze, just look at the URL (http://youtube.com/watch?v=y2kJ2Zw9ZgI) and you’ll see the video ID (y2kJ2Zw9ZgI). Now, copy this ID and choose a proper filename for your file. Simply type “./youtubedownload.sh y2kJ2Zw9ZgI MorrisWaterMazeVideo” and after a few seconds, you’ll get a file called MorrisWaterMazeVideo.mpeg you can watch with the player you want. 🙂

Note 1: it doesn’t work with all the files on YouTube but almost all of them
Note2: Google Video gives the opportunity to directly download videos in mp4 format (which is standaradized)