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Proton transactions history

Did you know that the last 3 transactions you made with a Proton card (the Belgian electronic purse) are stored in the chip? I simply used the card reader/challenge solver given by my bank to have access to the online banking system. Usually, you press on the “M1” button. If you press on the “Info” button, you’ll get the last 3 transactions you made with Proton, the reader EPCI number, battery level and embedded software version.

Example of a Proton transactions history (now you know everything about my finances ;-)

Although I know this information is not really important (you only know how much and when you spend money), it could be useful for a jealous wife/husband 😉 or simply to survey how often people use Proton. Are there anything else stored in that chip? (I did a short search on the internet but I didn’t find anything relevant)