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Colonne du CongrèsOne of my photos on Flickr is now on Schmap, a website providing travel guides for some destinations in the world (only Europe, North America and Australasia for now). See here how it looks.

What was interesting for me was the way they did it. I came to know it via an e-mail from Emma Williams (from Schmap) telling me my photo was included. And, at first sight (*), they correctly understand the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0: attribution is on their website, as well as the “cc” logo next to the image. And they link to the the image on Flickr 🙂

(*) If you read the terms of use, you’ll notice all the material (including third-party material) “are protected by copyright laws. You may only access and use the Materials for personal or educational purposes and not for resell or commercial purposes by You or any third parties”. My photo is also protected by copyright laws but you can access it for other purposes than personal or educational uses, you can sell them (the cc-by-sa allows it). Since the transformation they did is “only” a resizing, does it really matter since the original material is given and resizing is easy to re-do?