When business got things right about Free/Open Source licenses

It’s always interesting to see “business” people getting things right about the Free/Open Source world. For example, the last month Boulder Open Coffee Club was dedicated to “open source issues that developers face”. The NVA blog contains a summary of the recommendations. Basically, it is: “know the licenses you are using and what you can(‘t) do with them“. And AskTheVC gives links to Lawrence Rosen’s book: “Open Source Licensing” (not read yet, maybe for a future post). They also link to a Boulder’s company (Openlogic) that helps you to maximize returns, minimize risks and accelerate innovation with Open Source (all keywords you should have in a business plan! ;-)). They also have some resources about Open Source for businesses.

We were sure about it but now other people are actually creating things with Free/Open Source software 🙂