A third scientific paper for the Poirrier-Falisse!

Nandini published her second scientific paper in Journal of Proteome Research and it was just published “ahead of print” (i.e. in electronic version before the “official”, paper version). It’s:

Ruelle V., Falisse-Poirrier N., Elmoualij B., Zorzi D., Pierard O., Heinen E., Pauw ED. and Zorzi W.: “An Immuno-PF2D-MS/MS Proteomic Approach for Bacterial Antigenic Characterization: To Bacillus and Beyond” J Proteome Res., e-pub ahead of print.
PubMed ID: 17488104
DOI: 10.1021/pr060661g

Congratulations! 🙂

Unfortunately, it is not Open Access (it mainly depends on the lab publication policy) so you need to pay to have access to the full-text (but I think Nandini will also self-archive this article somewhere). Here is Nandini’s BibTex entry (it will be updated for volume and pages asap).