Conversion of address book from SquirrelMail to Yahoo!Mail

In case someone will need it, here is a very small Python script that will convert your address book from SquirrelMail to a file you can import in a Yahoo!Mail address book: (2ko).

To use it:

  1. save the "program" in the same directory as your address book you imported from SquirrelMail
  2. rename your address book from SquirrelMail as “addressbook1.csv”
  3. download and install Python (if not already installed)
  4. launch the "program"

Voilà! You have now a file named “addressbook2.csv” that is suitable for Yahoo 🙂

Both SquirrelMail and Yahoo!Mail export/import CSV files for their address book. But the elements order is different and Yahoo requires much more details (city, country, etc.).