About iPod+DRM

I don’t understand why people are buying and offering Apple iPods to their family members. In fact, offering an iPod is like telling you: “Here is a costly electronic device I’m giving you, it’s cool thanks to huge marketing efforts but hey, in 5 – 10 years (or immediately if you lose your player), you won’t be able to read any music files you bought anymore: it has DRM inside. Moreover, when this one will be old, you’ll be forced to buy an Apple player to keep listening to music you bought”. In short: “I am offering you a beautiful trap”.

I recently bought a Samsung Flash player. It has a really nice design, it is easy to use, it behaves like any USB key (so you don’t need drivers, specific software, …) and, more importantly for me, it can play ogg vorbis files without any problem! šŸ™‚

More info on this DRM-thing? Read the Stop DRM Now website (French equivalent), the Defective by design website and why DRM puts you at risk as innovator, artist and even consumer.

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