I was surprised being tagged by Chris. One day, it could be interesting to study how and why people are making (web) links to each other (see the blogroll on the left, for example), what are the motivations, etc. Here, I posted a comment about recyclable bags on his blog.

Apparently, Jeff Pulver started this “blog-tag” game “in which bloggers are sharing five things about themselves that relatively few people know, and then tagging five other bloggers to be it”. I like the way he calls it a “Virtual Cocktail Party”. Is it useful? I don’t think so 😀

So here are 5 things you (probably) didn’t know about me:

  1. I am half Vietnamese, I knew a little bit of Vietnamese when I was a kid but, unfortunately, I never went there (yet)
  2. The other half of me is Belgian but I really dislike beer
  3. I bite a girl at the day care center (crèche in French) when I was around 3 because I didn’t want to give her the doll I was playing with. So the nurse bite me to show me how it hurts. I still have the mark of her teeth (and I’m sure the girl doesn’t remember this incident)
  4. I spent the last 4 years with more than 100 rats, in an office at < 16°C in winter and where two parasite frequencies (8 and 17Hz) prevented me from setting up a fully working sleep-recording system for rodents
  5. The first time I saw my brother-in-law, he began shouting at my girlfriend (and future wife at that time) so loudly she began to cry. Nice introduction! For some unknown reason, we kept this “habit” of shouting at each other from time to time.

So, now I’m tagging Ananda Falisse (what about the business side of Web 2.0?), Alexandre Dulaunoy (what about privacy in blog-tag?), Laurent Richard, Jason Dunsmore and Nicolas Nova (what about this user interaction/experience?). 😉