I give up!

OK, I am giving up the Jadoo project. It could have been a very interesting project. But if I don’t give up now, it will stay in my mind and prevent me from starting new projects or continuing more important projects. But it’s a temporary giving up: who knows how much time I’ll have in 2 or 3 months.

For those interested in Jadoo, here is the short story: everything started with a post on Alexandre Dulaunoy’s blog, then I tried a first version and finally I wrote a small update. Files are still here: jadwrite.py and jadpub.py.

I think the two main drawbacks with Jadoo are that I need to update files manually (a Python script could have done the job) and that I cannot post from any computer (I need Python, a text editor and all the previous posts -at least the last 10 ones- in order to update the blog). These are some points to think about before a possible come back.