Some news about Jadoo

Here are some news about the Jadoo blog engine …

  • I updated the CSS file (2ko) and corrected some mistakes; now, all HTML/CSS tags are correctly used.
  • I updated the main script in order to link to Technocrati for all tags
  • I also updated the footer (= the side bar in the published page); it now includes the Technocrati search box
  • I added the blogroll. It’s not showing links in random order like many other blog engines. But do we need that feature?

Some tasks still need to be done:

  • Recover all my previous posts and add them here (it will be in PHP since everything is still in the DB on this website)
  • To show previous posts, I am still wondering how it could be done. I want it to be fast and simple for the engine (no DB, remember?). And I want it to be simple and easy to navigate for the reader.
  • Correct the RSS file (1ko) by adding the content in it and see why it doesn’t seem to work in most RSS feeds readers
  • Think about how people can send comments. For the moment, readers can’t send comments. It’s a feature, not a bug. And it’s also like that in some other blog engines (like oddmuse but it uses "comment pages"). The vast majority of blog engines do include a comment tool. Do  I  you need it?

Although I didn’t do an in-depth (Merise/UML) analysis of what a blog engine should do and how it should do it (programmatically), I can say a blog is a really easy to write, at least its most common tasks like publishing posts. Nearly everything else is static text added (could be dynamically updated with PHP if you want) and a CSS style sheet. That’s why Jadoo can even work with non-PHP hosting plans. And you have a backup of all your posts, you don’t need to worry about dumping a database, etc. 🙂

Any further comment and/or advice are welcome (by e-mail).

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