Rose Annual Dinner

On Saturday, we went for the Rose Dinner 2006. Rose is an independent not-for-profit organization run by volunteers. Its mission is to support and foster primary education for children from economically disadvantaged rural communities in developing countries (mainly India), primarily by improving basic facilities in primary schools. Yesterday, its impressive team of cooks offered us great food (thanks Swapna), there was a good atmosphere. It’s good to see that people that actually do something in an effective manner. 🙂

We also met Peter (and his Dutch friend Peter) and, for once, we had some time to listen to his funny stories about some of his travels in India. And no, these stories don’t remove your will to travel to India (in fact, we are more eager to go back there). It was very nice to meet them.

And, finally, ISAL Christmas celebration will be held on December 16th (at 19.00), in Leuven. Save the date!