Kolam ritual @ Bozar

On Saturday, we went to see a Kolam ritual at Bozar. Kolam is the designs the Pulluvans are drawing on the floor for a lot of occasions, using multicoloured sands, rice and spices. Here, it was supposed to be a ritual for a family (“supposed” only because it was a demonstration for the public and no family was specifically involved). In this ritual, two women in a trance erase the drawings and answer questions the family is asking. The whole ceremony is linked to snakes that are supposed to have been in Kerala before men and that should be pleased in order to peacefully live together.

I took some photos but, unfortunately my camera isn’t good without flash (*). This ritual was part of the India Festival at Bozar. If you want some suggestions of things to see (dance, theatre, music, litterature, exhibitions, etc.), my father-in-law gave some here (in French).

(*) I found that people taking photos with flash during this religious ritual (even after the commentator specifically asked not doing so) are very coarse and insulting for the artists.