EURON Ph.D. days in Maastricht

These last 1.5 days, I was in Maastricht (NL) for the 10th Euron PhD days. Euron is the “European graduate school of neuroscience”. I presented a poster and did an 15 minutes oral presentation of my last results. It was a good meeting in its 1st meaning: I met interesting people. I also enjoyed listening to other Ph.D. students’presentations since it always gives you i) a glimpse at what other people (in other universities) are interested in (by other means that paper/digital articles) and ii) the impression that you are not the only one to have problems with your protocol, your animals, your proteins, … The location was great (Fort Sint Pieter), sun was there. The ULg team was very small (only 4 Ph.D. students and 2 senior scientists on a total of about 100 participants) but this gave an occasion to know other students better.

Btw, the new EURON website is using Joomla, a free CMS, as a backend (look at the favicon and the meta tags in the HTML code)