A media looked for someone with experience in scientific mazes. They contacted Rudy D’Hooge, from the Laboratory of Neurochemistry & Behaviour, University of Antwerp (with Prof. De Deyn, he wrote an authoritative review on the subject). He gave my name and my lab as a reference for the Morris water maze (*). Maybe he gave other names and labs but …

Nearly 4 years ago, I took the train to visit his laboratory in order to see how we could install a water maze in our lab, what protocol we need to use, pittfalls to avoid, … We were nowhere, I learned from them (**) and now they cited us as a reference lab. After so much toil and trouble, it is heart warming. Thank you.

(*) By the way, the photo illustrating the Wikipedia article on the Morris water maze is mine 🙂
(**) To be complete, I also learned the maze from Prof. C. Smith and Prof. Steinbusch’s lab