Links: Original and GEGL

While looking for something totally different (what exactly is the Mascot score? Partial answer here), I found the Original photo gallery, a two-parts tool to get digital photos on the web. This tool could be interesting for the family website I plan to build. Since my hosting company enabled PHP Safe Mode, I cannot use most on-line gallery tools. Original seems to be an ideal solution because all the treatments are done off-line, on my own PC. Then everything is loaded on the website. Still, it’s not a static gallery like the one Picasa does (for example).

I also saw GEGL (Generic Graphical Library), “an image processing library for on-demand image processing. It is designed to handle various image processing tasks needed in GIMP.” They just released a first version. Øyvind KolÃ¥s is also maintainer of Babl, a “dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion library”. I am interested in all kind of (free as in free speech) image processing libraries because I’m trying to correctly open and manipulate .gel files (see problems written in this forum thread ; basically, they are .tiff files with additional tags and a different way to encode pixels).

P.S. I quickly installed and tried Istanbul, as I previously planned to do. It’s working for a few seconds of recording but then it stops. I didn’t have time to see what’s wrong (I think my resolution is too high: 1280×1024).

P.P.S. Oh, yes … And I suggested and became the new contact person for the French team for LinuxFocus. I would like to thank Iznogood for the work done before me and I hope he will stay active in the free software community. I will upload my last translations as soon as possible and try to put some pep in the French-speaking team.