What about recruitment companies?

I am slowly beginning to look for a job ; at least, for what I’ll do after my Ph.D. (there is still a lot of work in order to finish it!) (some people find that I am too slow at this quest for a job). I worked hard to develop the behavioural lab but I think that I wouldn’t be able to continue in this field (behavioural science doesn’t get a lot of funding). Anyway, I have some other people to see before I perhaps decide to reject this career option for/by myself.

Working in the industry could bring more new challenges … I recently read an ad for a recruitment company in References (the paper edition). If I understand correctly, a recruitment company hires skilled workers and gives them small contracts with other companies that need these skills for a short duration (these are not permanent contracts). I am wondering if we can trust these companies, how to see the ones that effectively do their jobs and the ones that just take unfair advantage of the worker and/or the client. Apart from that, they seem to have attractive jobs. I’ll put some links here, just in case: Volt Europe, i3 Parma, Progressives, … If someone reading this blog has some experience with such ressourcing company, I’ll be glad to hear from them.