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A new Jabber ID

April 19, 2006

I’ve recently learned that the server was an experimental one but I was too lazy to change my Jabber ID. Now that the server is down (apparently since 23.00, Belgian time), I am forced to change. My new Jabber ID is “jepoirrier at”. I will still use the old one (“jepoirrier at”) but I will gradually switch all my contacts to this new ID.

BTW, the status can be found here. The server is hosted by APINC and its status are here.

Finally, I am beginning to develop a software that will help scientists to take note of animal behaviours while they occur. The main scientist will be on a computer, using the software. And the observed behaviours should be displayed on the main computer but also on another one. I think I’ll use XML to send these observed behaviours as messages. So I am wondering if it will be possible/feasible/easy to use the Jabber API to send thoses messages (instead of writing the whole message-handling part from scratch). Stay tuned for more info!

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