A new Jabber ID

I’ve recently learned that the Jabber.org server was an experimental one but I was too lazy to change my Jabber ID. Now that the Jabber.org server is down (apparently since 23.00, Belgian time), I am forced to change. My new Jabber ID is “jepoirrier at jabber.fr”. I will still use the old one (“jepoirrier at jabber.org”) but I will gradually switch all my contacts to this new ID.

BTW, the Jabber.org status can be found here. The Jabber.fr server is hosted by APINC and its status are here.

Finally, I am beginning to develop a software that will help scientists to take note of animal behaviours while they occur. The main scientist will be on a computer, using the software. And the observed behaviours should be displayed on the main computer but also on another one. I think I’ll use XML to send these observed behaviours as messages. So I am wondering if it will be possible/feasible/easy to use the Jabber API to send thoses messages (instead of writing the whole message-handling part from scratch). Stay tuned for more info!