Changing the hosting company for

I am changing the hosting company for my main website ( I am leaving Amen because they became very costly (more than 80 € per year for only 50Mb). After considering B-one (problem: they forbid videos on your website, even if you are the producer), I finally chose Online (a little bit more than 30 € per year for 500Mb, they are not the cheapest but I know they are reliable). In less than an afternoon, DNS from Online to the university were already up-to-date. I hope that the transition will be as transparent as possible for everyone.

P.S.: the only problem I encountered with Online is that they don’t allow any dash (“-“)in e-mail login. I will then be obliged to switch my e-mail address from “jean-etienne” to “jeanetienne” at Other family members don’t have this dash-problem and you can use their e-mail address as usual.