Goodiff monitors (changes in legal documents of) service providers

GooDiff began its work a week ago and I didn’t see much news/blog posts about it. If I correctly understood, the idea behind GooDiff is to monitor changes in legal documents of (internet) service providers (like Google or Yahoo!). Indeed, service providers are often trying to change on the fly their legal documents, especially in some critical sections like privacy, copyright and alike. With GooDiff, consumers and users are now able to keep track of these changes. Thanks Alexandre!

P.S. Although the name and logo can mislead you (and misled me), the primary origin of the name “GooDiff” is not Google. The “Goo” part comes from the Gray goo (in SF, “goo” means a large mass of replicating nanomachines lacking large-scale structure, which may or may not actually appear like a drippy, shapeless mass). I am learning new words everyday!

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