Why do we need to stress?

image from the film Yesterday evening, I watch “Le Voyage des femmes de Zartalé” (Zartalé women’s journey), a film from Claude Mouriéras, on Arte TV (description in French). We didn’t initially plan to watch it. But it was worth. In the Afghan village of Zartalé, half of the community suffers from tuberculosis. There is only one small hospital nearby (a journey of at least a couple of hours). Classes are given in the fields by the mullah. The film depicts the calm conflicts between traditional values and modern ones (medications -vs- prayers, illiteracy -vs- literacy, …) and the importance (or influence, if you like) of religion.

They do not have electricity, car, heating systems, … These items seems “essential” for us. They live in a beautiful landscape (for us) and don’t seem to notice. They are maybe dreaming of our “modern comfort”. We can dream of their surroundings, calm, etc. (because we maybe can afford holidays over there: living there is very hard). All this to say that we may worry about proteins related to memory, prions, light that experimental animals are receiving, etc. There are other things in life.