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XML DTDs in biology

January 29, 2006

I was looking if a XML DTDs already exists for my field in biology (and, of course, I didn’t find any). It seems that is not available tonight (and wasn’t available before ; a WHOIS search told me that it is owned by someone from the bioperl project). I’ve found three collection of links to biologically-related DTDs: one by Paul Gordon, one by ( DTD repositories) and one by Andreas Matern. If you are interested, you can even try a seach in the registry. Most DTDs are focused on genes / genetics / genomics, proteins / proteomic, … but very few DTDs exist in other biological fields. And, of course, I am looking for a DTD in another field! All right, all right, I’ll try to write my own definition …

P.S. yes, this is another post full of links. It’s late and I’ll dig a little bit more tomorrow

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