Some news from the free VoIP world

Here are some evening news … While surfing on Slashdot and LinuxFr, I read two articles on yakforfree and openwengo. Yakforfree claims to bring the revolution to your voice communications by adding video. Of course, their main competitor – Skype – doesn’t offer it yet. But video conferencing software are already available since quite some time, and some of them are even free (as in free speech): gnomemeeting, e.g. OpenWengo is open source (GPL), backed by a French telecom company and offer voice, video and chat communications between PCs (MS-Windows and GNU/Linux). It is said to work on the open SIP protocol (I am wondering if one can contact a Wengo user with another Sip-based software). And, for the moment, they offer a 3 euros communication credit for every inscription (I suppose it’s for calling regular phone lines). Hmmm … seems interesting. If I have time, I’ll try it.

While looking at more information, I found this nice small application, Speak-Freely, that allows direct voice communication (IP-to-IP) between 2 PCs (MS-Windows and GNU/Linux). What’s nice about this application is that it seems to work even on slow internet connections (via modem, typically). Seems interesting too …

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  1. So how is your trying? I think wengophone is a great software. I can use it to chat with different IM software and call 26 destinations illimited. That’s great!

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